Water striders / Pond skaters



                                                                                                           –Photo by Nithilan Paul.

The above photograph was taken by me at a pond near my home. How many of us have ever noticed these little creatures found on lakes and ponds, skating on the water? These insects use their long legs upto twice their size to move and navigate on water surface. They use the high surface tension of water to literally walk on them!!
Surprisingly, these are predators that kill and eat small insects that fall on water like fly, bees, etc, But friends, they are harmless to humans and they certainly help in balancing the Eco-system and of course, Pest control.




About nithilan18

A person who aspires to live life to its most by venturing into those micro planets within our earth, which lights the spirit of human mind with their pure innocence and enchanting beauty. I would like to take my fellow humans into these worlds that we seldom notice.
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